Kawaii Cinnamoroll Ceramic Chopstick Holder


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Add a touch of Kawaii cuteness to your dining table with this Cinnamoroll Ceramic Chopstick Holder! 🐢🍚

Made from high-quality ceramic material, this adorable chopstick holder keeps your chopsticks in place while you enjoy your meal.

The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use, store, and carry.

Featuring the charming Cinnamoroll character, this cute and playful chopstick holder is perfect for fans of Sanrio or anyone who loves all things Kawaii.

It’s a charming and practical addition to any dining table, also a perfect gift for your family and friends!

Make your dining experience more delightful with this cute and practical Cinnamoroll Ceramic Chopstick Holder! πŸšπŸ’•

Dimension: 2,0(L) Γ— 0,87″(H) Γ— 1,7″(W) (5.2cm Γ— 2.2cm Γ— 4.2cm)

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Kawaii Cinnamoroll Ceramic Chopstick Holder

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