Kawaii Cat Paw Food Tongs


L (9.4"/24cm)M (7"/18cm)S (4.7”/12cm)
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These Kawaii Cat Paw Food Tongs are not only cute but also highly functional! Here are some additional details about their features and versatility:
– Temperature Resistant: These food tongs are designed to withstand a wide temperature range, from -4°F ~ 428°F (-20°C ~ 220°C). This makes them suitable for various cooking and serving purposes, whether it’s grilling, baking, or handling hot foods.
– Ergonomic Design: The cat paw design is not just adorable, but it also serves a practical purpose. The tongs feature an ergonomically designed handle that ensures a comfortable grip and precise control. This allows you to select and grasp hot food safely and reliably while protecting your hands from potential scalding.
– Multi-functional: These food tongs have multiple uses in the kitchen and beyond. They can be used as BBQ clips for flipping meats and vegetables on the grill, as salad clips for serving fresh greens, as bread tongs for handling toasty slices, and more. They are suitable for both home and restaurant use, making them a versatile tool in any culinary setting.
– Perfect for Cafes: If you own or work in a cafe, these Kawaii Cat Paw Food Tongs can add a touch of charm to your food presentation. They are not only practical for serving pastries, sandwiches, and other food items, but their adorable design will also delight your customers and enhance their dining experience.
Please note that the Kawaii Cat Paw Food Tongs are suitable for dishwasher use. It is recommended to hand wash them with mild detergent and warm water. This will help preserve the quality and longevity of the tongs. Avoid using harsh abrasives or soaking them for extended periods to maintain their appearance and functionality.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Small: 4.7″/12cm, 0.04lb/20g
  • Medium: 7″/18cm, 0.11lb/50g
  • Lage: 9.4″/24cm, 0.22lb/100g

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Food Tongs


Stainless Steel


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Kawaii Cat Paw Food Tongs

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