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  • $3.95

    This set includes six kawaii cookie-shaped erasers in a cute cookie box. These erasers make a great creative gift for kids and students, and are perfect for correcting mistakes in school and office work. Eraser Dimension: 1,2″(L) x 0,2″(H) x 1,2″(W) (30mm x 5mm x 30mm) Box Dimension: 3,5″(L) x…

  • $3.25$9.95

    Kawaii Sanrio Press Eraser is a cute and colorful stationery item that features beloved characters like Hello Kitty, Kuromi, MyMelody, PomPom Purin and Cinnamoroll. The eraser comes in a compact size that can be easily carried in a pencil case or bag. The press mechanism allows for convenient use and…

  • $3.99

    Set of 4 adorable toast bread-shaped erasers Fun and cute addition to any stationery collection Made of high-quality rubber material for effective erasing Perfect gift or award for children, students, or anyone who loves cute and fun stationery items

  • $4.95

    Kawaii Yummy Dessert Erasers Set includes 4 pieces of mini erasers shaped like delicious desserts such as lollipop, ice cream, popsicle, and donuts. These erasers are made of rubber and are perfect for correcting mistakes while studying, drawing or writing. Each eraser is designed in bright and attractive colors that…

  • $5.50

      Get ready to add some cuteness to your pencil case with the Kawaii Cat Paw Shaped Pencil Cap Eraser 3Pcs! 🐾😻 These adorable erasers are designed to look like cute cat paws and fit perfectly over the end of your pencils, keeping them clean and protecting the tips from…

  • $2.50

    The Kawaii Cat Paw Shaped Retractable Eraser is the cutest way to keep your desk tidy and your eraser always within reach! 🐾😻 With its adorable cat paw design, this retractable eraser is both cute and convenient. You can easily extend and retract the eraser with just one click, making…